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If you love it for a week, you will live it for a lifetime.

Kara Mia Italian Adventures is a Canadian boutique tour company specializing in week-long retreats that give you an authentic taste of Italian life, its rich culture and stunning beauty.
We prefer ‘savoring’ rather than ‘doing’ and we chose our destinations for their sense of love, joy and uniqueness.
Eliminate the time and stress it takes to research and organize travel logistics. Orchestrating people, enchanting destinations and luxurious accommodations is what we do best.
Now you can let the beauty and pleasure of Italy enrich your life.

Kara had a way of making everyone feel welcome and accommodated from the start. I took an instant liking to her, as did most of our group, and her engaging presence spawned a warm camaraderie in this pack of former strangers. I still cherish the friends I made that summer”. Greg W.

It was one of the best weeks of my life.” Isabel G.


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Wine & Food Tour

A boutique guided wine tour of Northern Italy. For novice and connoisseurs alike. Decadent and unpretentious. This week-long tour invites you to relax into Italy’s beauty and savor its delights. Find truffles, sip velvety wine, dine in a castle and sleep deeply in our dreamy hand picked hotels.

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Magnificent Dolomites

Women over 50 enjoy this cultural and scenically diverse Italian tour that glides along the Adige River Valley and affords stunning views of the Dolomites to the east and the Alps to the west.

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